Instructor Staff

Terence Nicholson


Terence Nicholson is a student of Grandmaster Chao Chi Liu, and a 19th Generation Disciple of Wudang Kung Fu Master, Liu Xiao Ling. He began his training in 1994 at the Wah Shing Kung Fu and Tai Chi school in Chinatown, Washington DC, under C.C.Liu. There, he learned the Tian Shan Pai (Celestial Mountain System) of Kung Fu as well as the traditional long form of Yang Family style Tai Chi Chuan. Nicholson began competing in tournaments in 2000. In 2003, his Sifu (teacher) told him that the time had come to go out and teach. Nicholson left his retail job and became the Martial Arts instructor at Rock Creek Academy in Washington DC. Rock Creek Academy is a school for children and teenagers with developmental challenges and emotional disorders. At the same time, he became a pupil of Master Liu Xiao Ling where he studies Xingyi Chuan ( Form and Mind Boxing), Bagua, and traditional Shaolin boxing. Below is a list of tournaments in which Nicholson competed. In 2018 Terence competed at the Kuoshu World Tournament and earned World Champion titles in both Hard Style Empty Hand and in Xing-I Chuan forms.

In addition to Nicholson’s accomplishments in the field of martial arts, he has made good use of his BFA degree from the Corcoran School of Art. He participates in seasonal art shows, where he exhibits his paintings and sculpture. Though he is often referred to as a renaissance man, he eschews this moniker. He looks at his life from more of a Taoist perspective, and considers it a path that he is simply treading.

Stephen Genus


Stephen is accomplished in both Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi having won awards for Solo and Weapons Forms as well as Push Hands competition. He has won several champion and Grand Champion titles in moving and restricted step push hands. He is a deep fan of history and internal theoretical principles and writings. He has also spent the last several years studying, assistant teaching and competing/ demonstrating in Hebei Xing I and Yin Pai Bagua Zhang. He hopes to carry on the tradition of passing the internal martial arts on to the next generation. After a period of re-immersion in his studies he is now ready to return to International Competition. He plans to carry forward the Wu Shen Tao tradition of having continual National and Grand Champion members to keep the WST name  synonymous with highly skilled internal martial arts.

In July 2018 he earned the coveted title of World Champion in Bagua Zhang santioned and attained at the International Kuoshu World Tournament held in Hunt Valley MD. He also placed #2 in the World, behind our own Terance Nicholson in Xing-I Chuan ( Five Element Fist). He also earned his 5th US Natioanl title in Tai Chi Pushing Hands.

We at Wu Shen Tao are honored and privileged to have several members of our teaching staff who contimue to train and progress their own skills while passing these skills on to the next generation.

Kenneth Chrzanowski

Assistant Instructor, Bagua & Xing-I

Kenneth has studied for several years focusing on Bagua Zhang and Xing- I Chuan. He has competed in many regional and National level martial arts tournaments, where his many gold medal performances in form, weapons, and push hands have led to many grand championship titles. He as been a 5-time Internal Grand Champion of the Kuoshu International Championships, a top tournament held each July in Baltimore, MD. Over the past few years he has been expanding his studies to include the intricacies of Yang and other styles of Tai Chi Chuan.

Julian Weaver

Assistant Instructor, Bagua & Xing-I

Julian (pictutrd in white jacket), assists with Bagua and Xing -I classes, along with his frequent training partner Kenny. He is a Bagua and Swordplay tournament medalist, an accomplished artist, and a craftsman of musical instruments and weapons.

Michael Daryabeygi

Assistant Instructor, Tai Chi

Michael assists in teaching our busy Tai Chi classes and fills in when Paul is away. He has been awarded medals and high marks at local and regional tournaments for his Yang Form and at Push Hands. A long time scholar of the classics, Michael promotes a well rounded practice of Tai Chi including, Chi Gong, Standing Postures, and understanding of the Martial Roots. He enjoys teaching for the opportunity for greater understanding through instruction and the satisfaction of seeing others make new accomplishments. His current focus is on practicing applications and perfecting his sword play. He is a 20th generation of the Wudang Long Men sect and trains to pass these teachings onto future generations.

Jerry Simpson

Assistant Instructor, Tai Chi

Jerry has spent over a decade teaching Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan for Wu Shen Tao in various satellite programs around the Washington DC and Maryland suburban areas. He specializes in the Yang 24 posture form and applications. He studies  and seeks to improve his skills to carry on and pass forward many aspects of Tai Chi Chuan training.

Other Assistant Instructors

Space does not permit full bios of other members of the Wu Shen Tao Staff, but our talented teaching staff also includes other members of the 20th Generation of the Wudang Long Men Pai sect. They are (in no particular order) Eric Putney, Ted Curtis, Alex Zito and Toba Adewusi. Senior student Daniel Nightingale also assists in teaching duties as necessary.