About Wu Shen Tao

While many people may associate martial arts with violence or with extraordinary athleticism, at Wu Shen Tao, we do not stress violence, nor will you be required to engage in activities for which you are not ready. Our goal is to introduce you to the spiritual, martial and/or health-related aspects of training by offering a variety of programs ranging from Qi Gong, Tai Chi (Tai ji) and meditation to self-defense and combat weaponry with many choices available in between.

Although competition is not a requirement for study, we have trained well over 3 dozen national championship gold medal winners. Competition is considered only one more self- challenge that helps to measure our progress and test our ability to focus in the midst of chaos.


At Wu Shen Tao, it is our mission to assist anyone, regardless of  age or physical condition, to develop more strength, skill, mental and physical agility, and centered calmness.  We aim to cultivate body, mind, and spirit by taking a traditional perspective on martial arts training. We stress substance over flash, cooperation over cliquish separatism, and health over mindless aggression.

The benefits of our curriculum include reduced stress, improved cardiovascular fitness, sharpened awareness, and much more. Our chosen courses of study are fields with enormous depth, such that a lifetime of study will continue to yield ever more insights.