Clear Circle Holistic Arts Training Center

The Clear Circle Holistic Arts Training  Center offers three initial programs:

The first begins with Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong (moving and stationary mind-body-form and/ or self defense training). Those wishing to improve the condition and health of their inner as well as outer bodies and minds would benefit the most from this training. Classes may cover any or all of the methods related to that particular course of study. Tai Chi is also an excellent form of stress reduction and eventually evolves into a form of moving meditation. Other training aspects may include history, theory, principles, form, push hands, energetics, weapons and self defense. Other Health or Martial Art subjects are available after the initial course of instruction.

The second program is a Martial Arts Professional Course aimed at those persons wishing to make martial arts a career or for those wishing to teach in some capacity. This program focuses on knowing the hows and whys of health or martial disciplines, as well as knowing how to effectively market and maintain a viable training center. This program offers various levels of teaching certification ranging from basic one- subject teaching credentials up to opening and running one’s own multi-faceted Health and Martial Arts Center.

We also teach Eastern and/or Western Fencing and Sword Play. We offer private and semi-private instruction in Olympic Style Fencing, Asian combat sword play, and Medieval Weapons fighting. This training goes deeply into the hand, foot, moving, and strategic drills and exercises necessary to develop competency in these sword/ weapons arts.

Please contact Paul Ramos for current schedules or to inquire about available private lessons slots at, through our web sites,, or by calling 301-651-3617.

The Clear Circle Holistic Arts Training Center, main office, and small group studio is located at 329B Main St. Kentlands MD 20878 in the lower level of the building (the main entrance is in the rear of the building behind the Rose Spa).  Other ongoing classes are available at various locations around the greater Washington, DC areas. Call 301-651-3617 to obtain answers to whatever questions that you may have related to this location or if you'd like to schedule a complementary introductory class.