Seminars/ Workshops

Paul and George Harris Pushing Hands in Shanghai, China 1993

Paul and George Harris Pushing Hands in Shanghai, China 1993

A few Potential Seminar topics

We are able to come to your facility/ location and to teach a variety of 2-12 hour courses in various Health or Martial Art areas. Call us to tell us your needs. If we aren’t able to meet your needs we will attempt to direct you to someone who may be able to assist you. This is a small sample of possible topics. Call for topics not listed here. All seminars listed below are describing level one methods unless otherwise stated.

Softness Overcoming Hardness- Push Hands without the bulging muscle. 4-10 hours

This workshop looks at various training methods, exercises, and the application of the Tai Chi principle of – “Use mind not strength, let softness overcome hardness”.  We will look at theoretical as well as practical methods to help attain this skill.

Tai Chi Applications   2-6 hours

Here we look at various postures in Yang and other Tai Chi methods and will work multiple applications for each posture so that participants can gain a deeper appreciation and a more expansive view of several postures.

Wudang Qigong   4-8 hours

We will work several Taoist qigong exercises that have been passed down through the Wudang Dragon Gate system. These are effective for increasing strength in the body and for opening the meridians to increase the flow of qi in the body. The eventual goal is to increase the flow, quantity, and then the quality of one’s energy with health and longevity in mind.

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Push Sword 3-9 hours

Utilizing the same principles as Tai Chi Push Hands we will explore concepts, training methods, and drills to achieve sticking, following, and returning force in a relaxed and fun manner.  Please bring a wooden sword, eye protection and any other protective equipment you deem necessary. Light contact and slicing only! .

Lo Har Chuan,   4-6 hours

A 4 part self defense exercise effective against head and body attacks passed through the Yang lineage. May be done stationary and as moving drills.

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Contact Swordplay 5-12 hours

Training methods focused through hand, foot, and combined  methods, which are used to understand and to apply the sword as a cutting, slashing, chopping, piercing, deflecting, and countering tool.

 Street Self Defense 2-6 hours

The principles and tactics of street survival.

A threat may emerge upon any of us at any time, unnoticed until too late. It could severely damage or even kill us.  Should one ever find themselves in a dangerous situation, knowing strategies versus acting impulsively can be the difference between life and death.  This course goes into the mindset, the strategies, training methods, and some go-to moves that can make more favorable outcomes.


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