Self Defense Classes


Women’s and Self Defence for anyone

All of our programs are capable of being used for self defense purposes and we maintain separate self defense classes so that anyone may spend concentrated time to develop their skills.  It is included in all styles as part of the core curriculum of that art. We realize that some people are not interested in this aspect of the training and there is no requirement to delve deeply into it if one has an aversion to it. However, we find that it is useful for the student to understand the ramifications of each movement, and at the very least, we explain the application of the movement so that students may have something to visualize as they move through the choreography of each form. Understanding of how to apply the movements changes the muscles used, the pace of the combinations, the weight distribution of each posture and assists with proper breath control. This helps the form to feel more solid, to feel more efficient to the practitioner, and helps to make the routine look more realistic.

For those who are interested in the martial aspect of the game, the applications help to make the training more ‘real’.  Since our curriculum is based upon traditional methods and practices, it seeks to attain the multi-dimensional levels of these, sometimes ancient strategies. Many schools focus on choreography and fundamentals. There is nothing incorrect with this training method. We however, know that in the arts that we teach, those aspects only account for about 20% of what was traditionally taught. Our guiding principle is that if someone is going to spend their time, money, and the fortitude necessary to persevere in the training, then they should have access to as much of the substance of that art, as we can pass forward.

We feel that weapons and empty hand forms are incomplete without empty hand self defense or weapons self defense training. Forms, energy cultivation, and conditioning may be considered to be the Yin aspects while sparring, push hands, and self defense may be considered to be the Yang aspects of the training. Together they produce a balanced approach that is both healthful and useful. In today’s uncertain and chaotic world it is prudent to have at least some true understanding of how to protect oneself and one’s loved ones. Even those that have no wish to ever use the martial side of the art, should know its’ principles so that they may have the choice of whether to use the applications or not.

Self Defense Training may also take place on a private lesson basis or for business or Corporate training. The classes may be be organized as Street Self Defense, Women’s Self Defense, or Family Self Defense training methods. Call Paul Ramos, the Chief Instructor, at 301 651-3617 to obtain more details.