Energy Cultivation (Qigong, Meditation)

Energy cultivation is integral to most internal arts training. Regardless of style or method, practicing internal arts according to correct principles will produce energy growth and development.

The Tai Chi, Xing-I, and Bagua programs include Qigong (working the life force) training as part of their warm ups. Over time, the practitioner no longer makes any effort to remember choreography, and the form will flow with little or no conscious effort. At this point, when the forms begin to “do themselves,” the practitioner will move to a new level of relaxation. The student’s internal dialogue quiets, allowing them to attract and begin to store Qi at a much higher level.

At this stage, the body develops greater and greater density of Chi (Qi) in their skin, muscles, and bones. Adding new training methods at this point can assist in taking this increased Chi  and refining it to finer and yet more expansive states. This assists in expanding consciousness and awareness. All of this is Energy Cultivation. Correct training methods, correct mental focus, and perseverance allows one to grow and refine their internal Chi for greater health, power, and well-being.

These methods are  part of the Wu Shen Tao curriculum. Should you wish to focus solely on energetics without the martial arts aspect, there are options available. This path focuses more on Meditation, Qigong, and other physical / energetic techniques for increasing the quantity and quality of one’s Qi.

Outside of group class, concentrated training may be undertaken on a private basis only. All development in any physical, mental or energetic field requires time and effort and should be undertaken only by those seriously interested in the goals of highly energizing the body and mind and cultivating the spirit. In addition, reaching these goals requires a review of diet, routines, and mindset. It calls for persistence, fortitude, and will.

Those interested in these types of training should contact Paul Ramos at 301-651-3617, or email him at


I’d like to introduce you to my long time friend and time training partner in the energy arts - Henry C. Brennan.

We began our energetic trainings during the early 1970’s. His continued study and application of the trainings has made him both capable, and knowlegable. He is now willing to share some of these trainings.


New Meditation Section



Some of you may already be somewhat familiar with me, through innuendo or past encounters. In any case, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Henry Charles Brennan (any additional titles are irrelevant) and I’ll be posting on this site in the days, weeks and months to come.

I’ve known Paul Ramos for over 45 years. Our interest in martial arts and their related philosophies extend back to those times when we were both in high school together. Obviously, his focus led to an expertise in the arts that he currently teaches. My own focus, while just as dedicated and life changing, led me to another aspect of human development and evolution. Namely - some very useful teachings involving meditation and its related potential benefits.

Because of this, after many years of study, I’ve begun to present these teachings to those who wish to investigate this particular path of meditation knowledge. Soon, I’ll be accepting students who are interested in what I consider to be a highly useful and beneficial approach to this subject and I invite questions from anyone who would like to know more.

For those who are curious - I will be posting here on a regular basis. This way, there will be an online venue where you can discover more details of what I teach. Welcome...


Note: a major goal of Energetic training is to charge the body and release the mind. Motivated individuals can make good progress relatively quickly. But, as is in all endeavors, consistent application is the road to mastery. Having a training partner to compare notes, train together, and to motivate each other is a good way to keep progressing forward.