May 2018 Wu Shen Tao News

A local Tai Chi Master- the late, great, David Chen. Rest easy brother- your legacy continues-

A local Tai Chi Master- the late, great, David Chen. Rest easy brother- your legacy continues-


Washington DC Tai Chi Festival- May 5: 1-5 pm – Jefferson Memorial

Fiesta Asia Silver Spring Demo- May 6 –downtown Silver Spring

Fiesta Asia Heritage Festival- Pennsylvania Ave WDC – May 19

Taiwan Push Hands Masters visit – May 19 –Rockville MD

MAY 30th  - Wednesday evening classes canceled by DX even

Dance Exchange 20th Anniversary Block Party June 9- 1-5 PM


This invitation only event took place in Timonium MD on April 22, 2018.  Representing Wu Shen Tao were students Marketa Ebert. Linda Krakaur, Evan Colton and Joe Dudley from the Gaithersburg branch.  The team did well with all WST students bringing home medals.  Although the event was not huge our team dealt with a good amount of competition in most events. Paul’s Kung Fu brother and the WST children’s Shaolin teacher Terance Nicholson also competed taking all Gold with Xing –I form, Shaolin Mai Fu empty hand and Kun Lun Mountain Sword respectively    This event was a good warm up/ tune up before the summer tournament season begins. It is also an excellent way for student to receive feedback on their forms and other events by qualified judges from the Tien Shan Pai system. Although we only had a few competitors attend we finished third in the school team standings.  We look forward to attending and competing in next year’s event.


The 2018 Street Festivals are on this year and we plan to demonstrate again at these excellent street celebrations. We hope to have adults and children there to showcase our martial arts. These events feature Music, Food, vendors, demonstrations of Pan Asian dance and martial arts and it is always a fun day of activities with various things to see and do.

The Downtown Silver Spring event will be on Sunday May 6 from 10am -6pm. (OUR demo is to take place between 3 and 4 pm),   The Asian Heritage Festival takes place Saturday May 19, 2018 is from 11am-7pm on Pennsylvania Ave in WDC.  We do not know what time our particular demo will take place yet but we will pass that info to you when we are notified.


The Tai Chi Festival which formally took place at the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court in Rockville, MD will take place in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC this year. The event takes place Saturday May 5th, 2018 from 1-5 PM. This event has grown over the last several years and hosts Tai Chi demonstrations and fellowship from various Tai Chi Clubs, Schools, programs, and Asian cultural groups from around the Tri-State area. We will be performing a demonstration between 3 and 4 PM. The address is 701 E Basin St SW, WDC.  The event is free –we hope to see you there!


The David Chen Foundation is pleased to announce a Picnic and Tai Chi Cultural Exchange at the Tai Chi Court in Cabin John Park on Saturday May 19th from 10-6PM. The event will include form demonstration from area schools, discussion of Tai Chi theory and push hands practice. Best of all, we will be joined by a team of 36 teaches, coaches and top students visiting from Taiwan. The team is made up of leaders from different schools from all over Taiwan and includes several champions in Push-hands competition. This is a very rare opportunity to share, learn and contrast your understanding with top player from Taiwan. The event is free, don’t miss it!


We will meet for sword basics and application class this month on Wednesday MAY 16, 2018 from 7:30-9 PM. Bring a sword, eye protection and groin protection (optional). All students are encouraged to attend regardless of experience.



We humbly accept suggestions as to how we may improve the site so that it may be easier and more usable to new and old friends, and to current and future members. 



Our weekly Community Tai Chi and Push Hands Open workout is alive and well (25 years and counting). We hold the Free Community Workout, 3 blocks away, at the Roda Movement Center which is located at 7014 Westmoreland Avenue (just off Carroll Avenue) in Takoma Park, MD.  It is located just behind the Gazebo located on Carroll Avenue and across from the House of Musical Traditions.  The workout takes place on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.  Feel free to contact us at if you have questions or concerns.



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