Clear Circle Holistic Health Center Now Open

The Clear Circle Holistic Training Center  has opened at 208 Main St., Kentlands, MD. This studio hosts private and small group classes in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Swordplay, and other internal martial art training programs. This location will also be the site for the Martial Arts Professional Training Course. It is the sister school to the Wu Shen Tao Health and Martial Arts Center, teaching some of the same topics but adding more private/ small group and instructor’s training courses.

The Clear Circle Holistic Training Center’s initial two programs:

The first begins with either Tai Chi Chuan, Swordplay, and/or Qigong.  Those wishing to improve the condition and health of their inner as well as outer bodies and minds would benefit the most from this training. All aspects of these arts may be covered.

The second program is a Martial Arts Professional Program aimed at those persons wishing to make martial arts a career or for those wishing to teach in some capacity. This program focuses on knowing the how’s and the why’s of health or martial disciplines, as well as knowing how to effectively market and maintain a viable training center. This program offers various levels of teaching certification ranging from basic one- subject teaching credentials up to opening and running one’s own multi-faceted Health and Martial Arts Center.

If you have questions or require more information, Paul Ramos may be contacted at or through our web site, or, by calling 301-651-3617.