Autumn Moon Celebration

This years’ Autumn Festival gathering took place at the Silver Fountain Restaurant on Sunday September 18thbeginning. It featured a traditional Chinese Style Banquet and was hosted by Master Liu Xiao Ling.  About 30 persons came to eat, socialize and catch up with one another. This year WST members, students, and guests joined the Wudang Dragon Gate members to eat, drink, and be merry.

This celebration harkens back to the days of old when farmers celebrated the end of the major growing season and got together with family and friends to talk, laugh, and tell stories about life and the good things that had occurred during the year. The group had a good time and look forward to next year’s event.

Fire Monkey Celebration

On Sept.11, 2016, Sifu Paul Ramos, was honored at Cubano’s Restaurant in Silver Spring to mark the return of the Fire Monkey year and to celebrate his 60th Birthday.  40+ students, kung Fu sisters and brothers, friends, and family members attended the event which featured live music, a Latin Buffet, and much spirited conversation and merry making.  Statements from students, disciples, and from Paul himself took place toward the end of the festivities. Pauls’ Sifu, Master Liu, was there to say a few words and present a Sword with the Wudang Long Men stamp and Paul’s name upon it. Assistant Shaolin instructor Jeff Bandy also presented Paul with a Ming Dynasty double edged sword as well. Student Andrea Koo also played a beautiful traditional Chinese Folk song on her violin. The food, drink, camaraderie and the venue made the event a fun and memorable evening. Paul thanks everyone who attended and/or wished him well for their support, friendship and assistance in having a great celebration and in having a great year!