December 2016 News

Closings / Events

 No Classes: December 24 – January 1, 2017

Upcoming Workshops

Yang Applications

In this 4- hour workshop Sifu Paul Ramos will explore all 47 basic postures displayed in the Yang Long form.  Additional/ alternate applications will also be worked so that participants can get a feel for the how’s and why’s of the Yang Chen Fu form and work some of the common variations based upon different versions of this popular form. This will be paired training and will be physically demanding minus the injuries that would ensue if one were to do these applications fully. It is to be held at the Roda Movement Center located at 7014 Westmoreland Avenue, Takoma Park MD 20912 on Sunday January 15, 2017 from 11-3 PM. The cost is $100 if paid by January 7, 2017 and $120 thereafter or at the door.

Call or email Paul Ramos at 301-651-3617 or at respectively for more information and to reserve your spot at this event. No experience is necessary although knowing Yang Tai Chi form will help one to have a deeper understanding of what they are practicing. Those without Yang form will still be able to learn a myriad of self -defense applications against attacks from different angles utilizing internal principles. This workshop is limited to the first 20 signups. Bring a snack for the 15 -20 minute break that will take place midway through the workshop.

Fundamentals of Internal Push Sword and Sword Sparring

Paul Ramos will conduct a 4 hour workshop on the fundamentals of Push Sword and Combat Sword Play on Sunday February 12, 2017.  This intensive will cover fundamentals with much time devoted to free sparring in Push Sword as well as Sword Sparring. Interested individuals should bring a wooden or foam sword, and eye protection is mandatory for those who perform the free sparring for the final portion of training. Although target areas will be limited and we will only sword spar at a light to medium level of impact, groin protection and headgear / chest gear may also be worn during this part of the workshop.

It will take place at The Dance Exchange located at 7117 Maple Ave. Takoma Park MD 20912. The time frame is 11-3 pm and the cost is $100 pre-reserved/ paid before February 1, 2017 and $120 at the door. Call Paul Ramos at 301-651-3617 to reserve your spot. No experience is necessary although having some sword experience will make learning easier. Bring a snack for the short break which will occur during mid- workshop. Space is limited to the first 12 participants who reserve their spaces.

Year of the Rooster Luncheon

January 28th is the official Chinese New Year observance of Year of the Fire Rooster.  We would like to host a lunch at Teppanyaki Asian Grill and Supreme Buffet located in Rockville at 5550 Randolph Rd, 20852. This grand Buffet will take begin on Saturday January 28th at 1 PM and all students, friends, and martial acquaintances are encouraged to attend.    The cost will be about $12pp.

Roosters (born 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2015), are said to be active, amusing, talkative, honest and loyal. They like to be the center of attention and may get irritated if others aren’t listening to them. Their unlucky color is red and their unlucky numbers are 1, 3, and 9. All animal signs need to be careful during their year because there is an over-abundance of their energy which creates imbalances- so be alert.

Come join us for food, drink, merriment and conversation! Please let us know whether you can attend and whether you are bringing others so that we can reserve an area appropriate to the size of our group. Let us know at 301-651-3617 by January 25th.        See you there!!

Sword Class Restarts

We will begin to have Sword Application classes the second week of each month. These classes will include drills, basic hand work and footwork exercises and 2 person drills. The class will begin with Push Sword and slowly evolve into sword fighting/ combat swordplay training. We will look at single as well as double edged blade work and encourage all members to try a couple of classes. The next two classes will take place on Monday December 12th and Wednesday January 11th.  Please bring a wooden or foam sword and eye protection is encouraged. If sufficient interest is shown we can have an ongoing weekly class added to the schedule. No experience necessary. See Paul for more information

January: Share Health and Wellness Month

We invite all students and friends to spread the gift of health and wellness by inviting friends and family members to come in during the first 2 weeks of January to work out with us as our New Years’ complementary gift for their continued support and hard work. Guests may attend any program and may do so for any available classes between January 2 and January 14th. The referring members will assist in their guests training and it should be fun and informative for all concerned. Contact Paul for any questions and concerns.

Clear Circle Center, Our Location in Gaithursburg

Our second location, the Clear Circle Holistic Training Centeris open at 208 Main St., Kentlands, MD. This studio hosts private and small group classes in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Swordplay, and other internal martial art training programs. This location will also be the site for the Martial Arts Professional Training Course. It is the sister school to the Wu Shen Tao Health and Martial Arts Center, teaching some of the same topics but adding more private/ small group and instructor’s training courses.

The Clear Circle Holistic Training Center’s initial two programs:

The first begins with either Tai Chi Chuan, Swordplay, and/or Qigong. Those wishing to improve the condition and health of their inner as well as outer bodies and minds would benefit the most from this training. All aspects of these arts may be covered.

The second program is a Martial Arts Professional Program aimed at those persons wishing to make martial arts a career or for those wishing to teach in some capacity. This program focuses on knowing the how’s and the why’s of health or martial disciplines, as well as knowing how to effectively market and maintain a viable training center. This program offers various levels of teaching certification ranging from basic one- subject teaching credentials up to opening and running one’s own multi-faceted Health and Martial Arts Center.

If you have questions or require more information, Paul Ramos may be contacted at or through our web site, or, by calling 301-651-3617.

Pants and Shirts In

An order of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and custom made Kung Fu pants are available. Prices are $20 for T-shirts, $30 for Sweatshirts, and $50 each for the Custom Made Kung Fu pants. Those who pre-ordered pants will receive their items prior to the remaining pants sales. For shirts add $3 for XXL sizes. Tell Paul or an instructor if you need any of these items.

Community Push Hands

Our weekly Community Tai Chi and Push Hands Open workout is alive and well (23 years and counting). We hold the Free Community Workout, 3 blocks away, at the Roda Movement Center which is located at 7014 Westmoreland Avenue (just off Carroll Avenue) in Takoma Park, MD.  It is located just behind the Gazebo located on Carroll Avenue and across from the House of Musical Traditions.  The workout takes place on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.  Feel free to contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

Quotes of the Month

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.

-Vince Lombardi

Life well spent is long.

-Leonardo Da Vinci

The time is always right to do what is right.

-Martin Luther King