November 2016 News

Closings / Events

No Classes November 24-26 for Thanksgiving weekend


The US Challenge Tournament was held Oct. 8 at the Marriot Rio in Gaithersburg, MD. It was a moderately well attended tournament. Competitors in Tai Chi, Modern Wu Shu and external Kung Fu competed throughout the day. The event was very professional and had an ample judging complement to get the competitors done in time for the evening banquet.  This tournament has a lot of potential and we look forward to judging again and bringing competitors next year.

The US Open Martial Arts Championships took place on Oct. 16 at Queens College NYC.  The event, which seemed to have more competitors than last year was well run and had martial artists of many styles competing together in a variety of forms, weapons, and application divisions. It was good to see the various different styles applying their systems against each other under the same rules. For examples in continuous point sparring or Sanda matches you could see TKD vs Shaolin, Japanese Karate against vs MMA or American Kick boxing against Filipino empty hand fighting. In Push Hands competitors used, Tai Chi, MMA, Shuai Jiao, and Wing Chun against each other. It added spice to the events and made the outcomes unpredictable.

Paul Ramos and his Kung Fu brother Charles Cashell attended as judges while Senior assistant instructor Stephen Genus competed in 4 advanced divisions finishing with Gold in Yang Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, and Stationary Push Hands while earning the Silver medal in Moving Step Push Hands. Past and future competitor Daniel Nightingale attended as a spectator to view the fighting divisions as preparation to compete in those events next season.

Clear Circle Center, Our Location in Gaithersburg, Is Open

The Clear Circle Holistic Training Centerhas opened at 208 Main St., Kentlands, MD. This studio hosts private and small group classes in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Swordplay, and other internal martial art training programs. This location will also be the site for the Martial Arts Professional Training Course. It is the sister school to the Wu Shen Tao Health and Martial Arts Center, teaching some of the same topics but adding more private/ small group and instructor’s training courses.

The Clear Circle Holistic Training Center’s initial two programs:

The first begins with either Tai Chi Chuan, Swordplay, and/or Qigong.  Those wishing to improve the condition and health of their inner as well as outer bodies and minds would benefit the most from this training. All aspects of these arts may be covered.

The second program is a Martial Arts Professional Program aimed at those persons wishing to make martial arts a career or for those wishing to teach in some capacity. This program focuses on knowing the how’s and the why’s of health or martial disciplines, as well as knowing how to effectively market and maintain a viable training center. This program offers various levels of teaching certification ranging from basic one- subject teaching credentials up to opening and running one’s own multi-faceted Health and Martial Arts Center.

If you have questions or require more information, Paul Ramos may be contacted at or through our web site, or, by calling 301-651-3617.

Pants and Shirts In

An order of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and custom made Kung Fu pants are available. Prices are $20 for T-shirts, $30 for Sweatshirts, and $50 each for the Custom Made Kung Fu pants. Those who pre-ordered pants will receive their items prior to the remaining pants sales. For shirts add $3 for XXL sizes. Tell Paul or an instructor if you need any of these items.

Community Push Hands

Our weekly Community Tai Chi and Push Hands Open workout is alive and well (23 years and counting). We hold the Free Community Workout, 3 blocks away, at the Roda Movement Center which is located at 7014 Westmoreland Avenue (just off Carroll Avenue) in Takoma Park, MD.  It is located just behind the Gazebo located on Carroll Avenue and across from the House of Musical Traditions.  The workout takes place on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.  Feel free to contact us at if you have questions or concerns.

Quotes of the Month

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.

-Benjamin Disraeli

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

-Henry Ford

Success does not consist of never making blunders, but in never making the same blunders a second time.

-Josh Billings